We pray that your marriage brings you many years of joy!

At Prange’s, we take weddings to heart. We are dedicated to providing you with lovely personal flowers as well as ceremony and reception decorations that reflect your personal style. For our initial meeting, set aside an hour or so to discuss your preferences. Please bring us a picture or a good description of your dress and those of the bridesmaids, color swatches of the fabrics, and pictures of floral designs that appeal to you. If a theme wedding (i.e. Victorian Tea, Medieval Faire, Disney, Tropical Paradise) is in your future, we would be delighted to assist you in designing the setting and lighting that will most effectively create the look you desire.

Flowers and decorations will comprise approximately 10% of your total budget, though this will be affected by your choices and priorities.

Many of our lovely floral designs can be custom made for you using silk or dried flowers and shipped to you anywhere in the world. Please e-mail us for more information on our beautiful flowers.

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